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Fast Draw World Championships

Fast Draw at the Aldergrove Fair!

The sport of Fast Draw puts men and women of all ages up against modern electronic timers. All shooters, wearing western style attire, and using single-action six-shooters which are loaded with BLANKS only, must react from a light signal, then draw their guns from holsters and fire at random targets. Timers separate the winners of the various divisions.

The Thunderbird Fast Draw Club has been in existance since 1959, doing Fast draw events & contests throughout most of B.C. And in Washington State. Operating today out of the Langley Rod and Gun Club, the members have appeared in two movies; the ‘Skip Tracer’ and ‘Last Stand To Nowhere’ and at B.C. Lion’s, Whitecaps, The Vancouver Giants’ games, and, as well as on many T.V. & Radio sessions. One of their most memorable events was their appearance before the Washington State Governor, Dan Evans, at a Seattle Supersonics’ game.

The Thunderbirds’ first major contest was in New Westminster, but their first major event at the Aldergrove Fair took place in 2008 and has been a yearly event up until 2023, likely being the longest running ever World Fast Draw Association Sanctioned event, alternating at times as a Canadian or World’s Fast Draw Blank Index Championships.

No live ammo is allowed for use at WFDA events. Earplugs will be supplied inside the arena.

We do believe that you will enjoy our ride back into the Canadian ‘Old West’ at this event. Please, don’t blink, you’ll miss it!

Proudly sponsored by Cooper Equipment Rentals