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Yewstone Gardens Guided Tours

Yewstone Gardens – 7 Acres of Harmony

Yewstone Gardens is unique private garden and rarely opened to the public.

The love of harmony between people, plants and places is the guiding philosophy for this garden.

Suzanne and Mike Robinson have been building and maintaining the 7-acre garden since 2009. They see themselves as the stewards of the land.

Yewstone is a garden that has evolved, and is continually changing. Areas of the garden include:

  • a ‘Tomokanga’ or carved entranceway, which is where you step into the realms of your ancestors
  • an ‘Inukshuk’ or guardian sign post for your journey
  • a large sensory labyrinth with 500m of classic design for finding your heart question
  • two man-made ponds for reflection and meditation
  • a ‘koru’ meditation garden for new directions
  • a sacred tree circle for finding your tree allies as you move on your journey with your new plant friends
  • a Mediterranean garden, as well as healing herb gardens
  • a Victorian style greenhouse, plus many more gardens
  • a beginning of a museum of old gardening tools

Guided Tours – July 12, 2022 (Tickets Required)

Tickets are extremely limited!

As part of Aldergrove Fair Week, Suzanne and Mike Robinson will be offering 2 hour tours of their incredible garden on Tuesday July 12, 2022. Tickets are limited!

Your garden guide will be Suzanne. Her area of focus is to help people to understand how they relate with the earth language through feeling, and their heart language, thus incorporating it into everyday life.

The plants are natural mediators for harmonious relationships between people and earth as they have no attachments or emotional or mental agendas. This way helps find solutions that benefit all people as well as the earth and nature.

This is a garden to help us feel in balance and harmony with the interconnectedness between people, plants and places.

Yewstone Gardens Guided Tours

  • Date: July 12, 2022
  • Times: 2 hour session at 10:00 AM / 2:00 PM / 6:00 PM
  • Location: Yewstone Gardens, 3127 248th St., Aldergrove BC
  • Parking: On site room for 20 cars
  • Tickets: 1 ticket equals a carload, restricted to 20 carloads per session
  • Restrictions: Adults and young adults only; no animals please; very limited wheel chair access
Registration is now closed.