World’s Event to be Held at the Aldergrove Fair!

The sport of Fast Draw puts men and women of all ages up against modern electronic timers. All shooters, wearing western style attire, and using single-action six-shooters which are loaded with BLANKS only, must react from a light signal, then draw their guns from holsters and fire at random targets. Timers separate the winners of the various divisions.

This unique event is sponsored by the Township of Langley, sanctioned by the World Fast Draw Association, and set up by the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club of Langley.

The Aldergrove Fair is proud to be hosting a World’s Championship Fast Draw Event again this year at the Fair!

Celebrity Challenge

A Celebrity Challenge event also takes place each year, featuring such regulars as local MLAs, Aldergrove’s Member of Parliament, and others. To witness a one-of-a-kind event, come ride the Trigger Trail with us at the Fair.

We look forward to meeting you, pardner!

Canadian Fast Draw Championships History

The sport itself began in the U.S. in the ’50’s due to popularity of westerns on TV and movies portraying the image of the ‘gunslinger’, and here has had a rugged history in spite of the fact that Canada has had its own roots in the ‘old west’.

The first Canadian Fast Draw Championships were held in 1968 in New Westminster, B.C., during their ‘Wild Westminster Days’ celebrations, and was hosted by the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club. Burnaby’s Karen Robinson was the first Canadian winner of the Championships. Several Canadian Championship title events have since taken place in such as Paterson Park Raceways, the PNE, and at the Langley Rod and Gun Club.

The Championships then moved to Alberta, where the Benedictson family there hosted them for years. Then it was back to B.C. and, thanks to sponsors like the Township of Langley for the last 8 years, and such donors as Kirkpatrick Leather Company, the NFA, Guns of The Old West, True West and Canadian Firearms Journal magazines, the contest has now been qualified as a World’s Championship Fast Draw Event, sanctioned by the World Fast Draw Association! The defending Champions from 2015 are Aldergrove’s own Nicole Franks, and Brian Colwell of Colorado. Last year brought in the largest amount of entries yet, with the World’s best- and fastest- among them!

More details and photos about the sport and history of Fast Draw can be found at www.thunderbirdfastdraw.com.