Miss Gladys (Gladys Kirkland) worked for NASA in Houston for over 20 years, during a very exciting time through the highs and lows at NASA while they developed the equipment and methods that would take human beings out of the life-sustaining atmosphere of our own planet and eventually to the Moon. During this time Miss Gladys met most of the astronauts involved in this pioneering space travel and experienced the successes and failures along with a vast network of colleagues who worked to make it all possible.

At the time of the Apollo 11 trip to the moon, the first time mankind had ever stepped onto the moon, or indeed any celestial body besides the earth, Miss Gladys was in charge of the Travel Pay for the Astronauts.

  • How much was the cheque she wrote to Neil Armstrong for going to the Moon?
  • Where was Miss Gladys when Command Module Columbia and Astronaut Michael Collins disappeared around the dark side of the moon while Lunar Module Eagle was on the surface of the moon?
  • Did Miss Gladys ever meet any of the Russian Cosmonauts?
  • How about the monkeys that travelled in space?

For the answer to these questions and many more, come to Moonland at the Aldergrove Fair this weekend (July 19, 20, 21), snack on a Moon Pie and visit with Miss Gladys!