Aldy has come to life – as a collectible doll that will be available at this year’s Fair!

The Aldergrove Fair mascot is Aldy – a little guy with a big head and a big smile, who has been dressed up every year for about the last 18 years to match the theme of the Fair. He has been a Farmer, a Fireman, a Sapper, a Beatle, an Elvis, an Old-Timer, a Carnival Clown, and many more.

This year The Fair Committee is delighted to announce the expert assistance of a couple who have only recently shifted to Aldergrove. Julie Ko and Charlie Oh of Bearga Gallery in Fort Langley are specialist doll makers. They have designed and are making Aldy Dolls in space suits for sale at the Fair.

Julie started making teddy bears and dolls over 20 years ago in her native South Korea as a hobby. It grew to the point her husband Charlie quit his job as an English teacher so he could help her. Their children came to Canada as students, and Julie and Charlie followed together with their collection of over 300 teddy bears and dolls from 19 countries. As Julie explains, “this is where we want to be – a clean, green environment, a career in handcrafts that we love, and most of all, a culture that loves teddy bears.”

The Aldy Doll is not a bear of course, but, Julie continues, “the material being used is imported especially from South Korea. It feels very soft and cuddly so people love to hold him.”

In addition to Bearga Gallery, the Fair Committee are pleased to have the support of other local businesses such as 24/7 Security who are helping make the doll a reality. More information on how to purchase a doll will be posted on the website.