“For three glorious days in July, the Aldergrove Fair magically appears full of cotton candy, army tanks, gunslingers and rock n roll legends where just a few days before stood empty fields” reports Sue McIntosh from the Aldergrove Fair Committee. “This is the stuff of dreams but it doesn’t just happen with the wave of a wand.” McIntosh clarifies. “It is only through the dedicated efforts of the Fair Committee volunteers that the magic happens.”

“We’ve experienced massive growth at the Aldergrove Fair over the last few years moving our Fair from 5,000 attendees to over 12,000 last year. With the musical supergroup “Loverboy” headlining our Saturday Night lineup, we expect greater crowds and challenges. Our amazing team is stretched and we definitely need to add some more creative, community minded individuals to continue to propel us to the next level of success. So now, is the perfect time to join our team.”

“It is a real win-win opportunity for people of any age”, McIntosh adds. “By joining our committees, you’ll connect with dynamic people who really know how to get things done and you’ll get to share your ideas and join the action.”

“Fortunately, more and more people are hearing about the benefits of volunteering and it really isn’t a matter of having the time”. McIntosh continues with a quote from Elizabeth Andrew: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.”

The 107th edition of the long standing Aldergrove Fair will take place in the fields behind the Aldergrove Secondary School from July 19th – 21st. The theme this year is “Aldy on the Moon” in celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the Moon Landing.

Mcintosh concludes: “If you are interested in joining the Aldergrove Fair Committee, you can email info@aldergrovefair.ca or come to our next Committee meeting. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Coghlan Hall which is located 6795 256th Street, to plan, plot and produce our next Unique World Class Fair.

Everyone wants to make a difference in the world. This year is your opportunity to shoot for the moon and help bring some magic to the Aldergrove Fair.