The Aldergrove Fair Committee is looking for input from Aldergrove Millennials on what would make the 107th Fair amazing for them.

Director Mike Robinson explains. “We love the Fair. Each year we choose things that seem amazing to us and then with the help of lots of people, work on making them happen. The problem is that we are mostly guessing what younger people would like to see. To fix the problem we are asking Millennials (and others) for input through two mechanisms. The first is new.” At this point Robinson rolls his eyes and points out “the Fair is celebrating the 50th anniversary of perhaps the most dramatic scientific achievement of the twentieth century- the moon landing – so the least we can do is get up-to-date with twenty-first century technology… we now have Twitter and Instagram accounts!”

“The second way is more traditional” he continues. “To discuss your ideas, come to our Committee Meetings. The meetings are open to everyone and very relaxed. They are at Coghlan Hall on the first Wednesday of every month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.” The next open house Committee Meeting takes place on April 3rd.

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