The Aldergrove Fair is currently arranging a series of unique sponsor opportunities for their Aldy on the Moon themed Fair in July.

Fair Vice President and Sponsorship Director Regina Bailey explains: “Sponsorship is a very personal experience. Every company wants to do it their own way and we treasure that. Each year we find new ways for more companies to join the fun and be seen supporting a highly successful event that promotes, energizes and brings pride to our community.

Since being part of the Fair, I have been continually surprised at how flexible we are at creating new opportunities. A good example is this year’s theme. As part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (on the Saturday of the Fair), we are making a special exhibit called Moonland. The exhibit will feature all sorts of Moon memorabilia plus some amazing science for the kids – and it needs a sponsor. Perhaps you know of (or work in!) a business that could promote their own science alongside this feature.”

Bailey has a number of packages available for the different areas of the Fair. “The opportunities range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Most importantly though, you tell us what you would like to achieve or focus on, and we will make it happen! We are expecting 15,000 people to attend this year’s Fair so that is some really excellent exposure.”

Bailey can be reached at or by phoning (778) 709-2916.