The Aldergrove Fair has unveiled their new theme and logo for 2019 – Aldy on The Moon.

The 107th annual Aldergrove Fair will run from Friday the 19th July to Sunday the 21st. According to Fair President Robin McIntosh it is what happens on Saturday 20th July that makes it special. “On 20th July at 17 minutes past noon we get to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing.”

“In honour of the occasion the Fair is busy gathering all sorts of memorabilia as well as some of the actual people involved in the space program at that time. The Museum of Flight is assisting with this amazing creation. If you have or know of anything that might add to the special Moonland section of the Fair please let us know” McIntosh continued.

In keeping with its agricultural background, the Fair will be introducing some Moon – Food projects for people (and especially kids) to get involved in during the lead-up to the Fair. They will be centered around answering the question – what ways could people get enough food to live on the moon? One of them will be a “grow a carrot in a soda bottle” challenge.

“We are extremely excited about this year’s theme,” McIntosh explains. “It fits so well with our motto of the Fair providing Unique World Class Fun. It is entirely coincidence that the Fair has ended up exactly on the 50th anniversary but we are seizing that coincidence with both hands and are determined to make Aldergrove the absolute best place to be in Canada to celebrate the occasion. To be part of this years’ fun and unique celebration, visit our website at and find out what is happening and how to volunteer.”